Public Goods Pet Product
Public Goods Pet Product
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Public Goods Pet Product

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Organic catnip leaves and flower blend. 

This unique blend of fresh, organic catnip leaves and flowers will keep your furry friend relaxed and in the mood to play! Rub a small amount onto toys or scratching posts for them to bite or crush and watch as the naturally occurring oils produce a playful excitement or mellow calm in your pet. Made in Washington, USA from organically grown catnip. Plus, the glass jar can be upcycled for different household uses such as storing spices, tea, nut butter – or anything else that needs a home! 


  • Organic 
  • Zero Additives 
  • Leaves + Flowers 
  • Great for Training 
  • Plastic-Free 

Ingredients: ADD. 

Attributes: Organic, All Natural, Additive-Free