Anthony's Goods Confectioner's Erythritol
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Anthony's Goods Confectioner's Erythritol

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Powdered Erythritol sweetener.

Anthony’s Goods works with reputable suppliers around the world to source premium, minimally processed natural goods. This Confectioner’s Erythritol powdered sweetener is made from 100% natural erythritol sweetener, which is a zero calorie, low glycemic sugar substitute. Use it to create sugar-free frosting and icing for baked goods or dusting and decorating!


  • Natural Icing Sugar Substitute
  • Zero Calories
  • Low GI
  • 70% as Sweet as Table Sugar
  • No Added Ingredients

Attributes: Non-GMO, Batch Tested & Verified Gluten-Free, Vegan/Vegetarian-Friendly, Paleo-Friendly, Keto-Friendly, Low Glycemic

Ingredients: Erythritol.